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Shakira Baklava

Pistachio Maamoul Tray

Pistachio Maamoul Tray

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Welcome to Shakira Pastry's Pistachio Maamoul Tray!


  • 23 Maamouls (filled with pistachio) 

In addition to the delicious taste of our pastries, we pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients. The maamoul is made with:

  • Turkish Pistachios 
  • Handcrafted Maamoul Dough
  • High-Quality Rose Water
  • Specialized Oil, Ghee, and Butter
  • Powder Sugar

If you have food allergies, please be sure to carefully read the detailed ingredients statement before purchasing.

This tray measures 14” x 9” and has a minimum weight of 2.2 lbs.

If you would like to place a special/custom order, please give us a call at (619) 440-6068 or email us at We are always happy to accommodate your needs and create a tray of pastries just for you.

Thank you for choosing Shakira Pastry!

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